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History of  Sri Tanuku Venkatramayya Pavana Giri Swamy

         Sri Tanuku Venkatramayya was born in Chinna Kapavaram village, Akividu zone, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. After finishing 10th class, he went to Rajahmundry and worked temporarily in the Andhra Paper Mill for a few years and then continued on permanent basis. In the meanwhile, having thoughts about spirituality, the guidance of his ideal guru, Paka Gaud, the enlightments of his first guru, Hampi Peethadhipati, and the exact commands of his second guru, sri sadhanandha saraswathi swami (the head of rajamundry konthamooru ashram) led his way to render service to the tribals in the forest area of Addateegala.

          While walking through the forest, the sight of the statue of Anjaneyaswamy, among the dense trees on an abandoned ancient hill, turned his mind to volunteer his job and settle there with his wife and children. Thus he undertook the restoration work of the hill with masonry, constructed new shrines and named it as The Pavanagiri Group of Temples . Starting in 2004 with the intention of having a vision of darshan of all the deities to everyone in this tribal area, the idol installation was completed on 12-02-2005 by the deans themselves with the supportive collaborations of the villagers . We subsequently spread Hinduism to the 11 zones of Manyam as its center.

The Founders of Pavanagiri Group of Temples

1.AP Tribal Priests Training Society  
2.Pavanagiri Janasena 
3.Pavanagiri Spiritual Cultural Social Organization 
4.Brahma Vani Brahmin Marriage Information Center 
5.Brahmani International Association
6.Rajahmundry Brahmin Youth Association 
7.Gayatri Brahmin Mahila Sangham


Programmes conducted

  • Decoration of Hanuman flags on 20,000 tribal houses by order of the Hindu Dharma Preservation Trust.

  • Thousands of tribal devotees are participating in the marriage ceremonies at the respective shrines.

  • Female Priests train tribal Women holding Incense to the Deities in Various Villages of the Tribal Area as women priests and teach Music, Kolatam, Bhajans and Yogasanas.

  • PavanaGiri-Giri Pradakshana is an eye-opening event on the mukkoti Ekadashi every year.Further ,the month of Karthika is ablaze with lights for 30 days.

  • Free weddings for tribal brides and grooms every day at Rishipeetham Kalyana Mandapam on Pavana Giri.

  • TTD sponsers to conduct Srinivasa Govinda Kalyanam at 20 Mandala Kendras and lead the tribals towards devotion.

  • Trained about a thousand tribals to become priests through TTD from the temptations of pagan propaganda.

  • Every Tuesday at the Pavanagiri Art Gallery, alms are given to all those who come for the saint from around 100 villages.

  • Pavanagiri distributed Stone Statues of Village Goddesses Gangalamma, Bapanamma, Saraswati, Ganapati in 75 Villages and Statues Of Gangalamma, Ganapati, Anjaneya, Pothuraju, Lavakushalu, Sitarama, Shiva Parvati, Saraswati etc. of up to 12 feet in size in 50 villages.

The temples located on the Pavanagiri Hill
  1. Sri NrutyaGanapathi.

  2. Sri Parvati-Parameswarulu and Sri Kalabhairavudu.

  3. Sri AmaraVallabheswaruni BadaSivaLingam , Sri Nandeeswarudu and Ancient idol of Sri Parvathi Ammavaru.

  4. Sri Swayambhu BadaGanapathi.

  5. Sri Sankhu, Chakra Naamalu.

  6. Baba Dhuni, Sri ShiridiSai Padukalu and Sri Dathathreyudu.

  7. Sri ShiridiSai Temple.

  8. Sri Dharmasaastha (sri Ayyappa swami) Temple along with Sri Ganapathi, Sri Kumaraswami, Sri SatyaNarayana Swami and Sri Kanaka Durgamma Idols.

  9. Sri Gurupeetham.

  10. Sri AbhayaGanapathi.

  11. Sri Guru Mandiram (Sri Pavanagiri swamy Ashram), Sri Sadananda Swamy Divya Padukalu beside Parama Guru-Sri Purnananda Swamy idol.

  12. Sri Giri DurgaBhavani Mandir.

  13. Sri Manyam Balaji (Srinivasa idol from Tirupati temple), Dwarapalukulu at Simha Dwaram, Inside are the ceremonial idols of Sridevi, Bhudevi and Srinivasa Sri Chakram.

  14. Sri Vayulingam (A honey colored Sivalingam brought from Kasi).

  15. Sri Pavangiri Abhayanjaneya with his vahana-The Camel.

  16. Sri Rishipeetam Kalyana Mandapam (by Sri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma) with Yagna Gundam.

  17. Sri SithaRamalayam (Built by the parents of Sri Sadananda Saraswati Guruji-Sri Vemuri Satyam Garu and Sri Narsamamba Garu of Alamuru).

  18. Ramalayam and Sri Gangalamma Temple.

  19. Sri LakshmiNarayanaswami Temple.

  20. Sri Suvarchala sametha Anjaneyaswami Temple.       

  21. While climbing the hill, Sri Navagraha Mandapam is present, with Ganesh and sathi - vahana - sametha Navagraha Idols which is a very rare scene, and is very unique according to Tamil Nadu culture.

  22. A large Neem tree, with Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swami, Sri Nagabandhanam and Sri Lavakusalu on the platform.

  23. Sri SarvaDevatha NamaLikhitha Sthupam and Sri Panchamukha Gayatri Devi Ammavaru Temple.

  24. Sri GnanaSaraswati Ammavaru (by CI Sri Kona Mohan Reddy Garu and Smt.Sudha Rani Garu).

  25. Sri AmaraVallabheswaruni Sivalingam. It is an ancient idol and is known to be visited by Alluri SeethaRamaraju Garu. Also, Sri Bhuvaneswari Ammavaru, Sri Nandeeswarudu, Sri SivaKameshwari Ammavaru, Sri SuryaNarayanamurty and Sri AbhayaGanapathi idols can be seen while entering the temple.

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